Welcome to Sculpture Society (Singapore)

The Sculpture Society is the first society in Singapore, dedicated to nurture public appreciation of sculpture as an art form. Established since 19 May 2001, it is a non-profit organisation, which is active in advocating the artistic development of its members through exhibitions, workshops and symposiums. The society was formed by a group of passionate individuals who were keen to enhance the artistic development of the art form through a tightly knit community of artists. Led by Han Sai Por, one of Singapore’s foremost sculptors, the founding members set their minds to provide a platform from which artistic discourse can flourish. To date, the society has over a hundred members. Amongst them are prominent and renowned local artists, as well as emerging young artists, who work in multidimensional fields of sculpture. Their works have gained both local and international exposures.

 Open Call: 2019 SSS Annual Show

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To know more about the 7th CDL Singapore Sculpture award,2019. Click here

SSS 2019 “Blue Carbon” Wood Sculpture Symposium
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OPEN DAY @ EMILY HILL (Sunday, 26 August 2018), To Learn more

Urban Expedition — 2018 SSS Annual Show

9 – 15 AUG 2018, VISUAL ARTS CENTRE OPENING RECEPTION: FRI, 10 AUG 2018 7 – 9 PM To learn more

Of Human Heritage — 2018 SSS New Delhi Sculpture Exhibition

To learn more

The Perspective of Epitome — 2017 3rd Taiwan International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition

To learn more



2017 Sculpture talk/雕塑讲座: 11th January 2017

木雕创作营 SSS Wood Sculpture Symposium 2013 https://youtu.be/TFQtHmGB264

木雕创作营 SSS Wood Sculpture Symposium 2016


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