Wood Sculpture Symposium 2016 – Experience wood carving for beginners

Sculpture Society Singapore
Wood Sculpture Symposium 2016
21st – 25th January

Artist Talk Programme
Curated exhibition
Master Class Programme
Workshop – Experience wood carving for beginners
Children & teens sculpture competition

Call for Proposals I Application Form – Wood Sculpture Symposium 2016


@ Air-con Tent, next to OMSQ
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DAY 3 (23rd January, Saturday)
Geometric Balance – Creating a wearable object
Conducted by Mr Casey Che
Max. 15 pax
Session 1 @ 09:30 – 12:30 (Registration at 9am)
Session 2 @ 14:00 – 17:00 (Registration at 1:30pm)

We live in a geometrical world, and it is colourful.

Participants can express their moods with the geometric wood with colours. Using the given piece/s of wood, they will make them as geometrical (flat) as they can, making them smooth and apply bright colours.

This workshop also allows anyone to create their own smaller (table size or even wearables) art pieces.

They will pick the pieces of wood to file them flat and smooth with sand papers, clean them and have a base coat (white) before applying the bright colours of their choice (mood).

This will let them have a basic hands-on experience to make their own first wood sculpture. Aim is to make them feel that making art sculpture need not to be difficult.

DAY 4 (24th January, Sunday)
‘Work in Progress’ – Creating a sculpture together with the artist
Conducted by Mr Yeo Chee Kiong

Max. 8 pax
Session 1 @ 09:30 – 12:30 (Registration at 9am)
Session 2 @ 14:00 – 17:00 (Registration at 1:30pm)
In this workshop, participants will be work on fragments of wood sculpture that is preliminary sculpted by Mr Yeo Chee Kiong in a form of his head.

Mr Yeo will demonstrate different techniques of wood carving with basic tools and invites participants to work on the sketchy fragments to complete his ‘self-portrait’. Participants get to explore and experience creating different textures, and could see the transformation and alterations made to their marks at the end of the two sessions.

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