Artist Name
Ang Chee Yong

My Sundial

Year Produced

Medium / Material
Daily objects with plaster (upcycle materials)

Size of Artwork
60 x 60 x 10 cm

Artwork Statement

“I used daily objects, such as cans rings bottles caps to crate a sculpture. Plaster was poured over it to bond all the objects into one whole. At the same time, plaster remove some of the identities of the daily object that been used.
I like to express the relationship between Sculpture, Light and Shadow. Rotation of the shadow as a respond to Time.”

“我使用日常用品,例如瓶盖来制作雕塑。将石膏浇在上面,将所有物体粘合成一个整体。与此同时,一些石膏被移除。让日常物品中使用过的部分,能够显露出来 我喜欢表达雕塑、光与影之间的关系。阴影的旋转作为对时间的响应。”