Artist Name
Chang Wei

Deconstruct no.2

Year Produced

Medium / Material
Cement and Iron

Size of Artwork
38 x 16 x 25cm

Artwork Statement

“Cut the watermelon into a whole half-arc shape with straight sides on both sides. After several straight cuts, the visual effect on the two sides of the watermelon is reconstructed.

The watermelon is cut into polyhedrons, breaking away from the original form, creating a more diversified visual effect, and changing the perspective of looking at something from a single point of view. As a result, one is challenged to view things from various perspectives such as during the creative thinking process and idea generation phase etc.”

“西瓜切成两边平直的半弧形完整体。再经过多次平直的切割,重新构成 西瓜两边平直面上的视觉效果。

西瓜切成多面体, 打破了原有形体, 创造出更多元的视觉效果, 改变对某种事物只从单一的角度看问题。 从而改变了个人意识上从不同角度上看问题的习惯,比如创作、思维或接纳的习惯等等。”