Artist Name

Hello Wuxin

Year Produced

Medium / Material
Mixed media

Size of Artwork
2.2m X 1.5m

Artwork Statement

Wuxing is usually a translation as Five Phases.

The system of five phases is conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to describe interactions and relationships between phenomena.
After it came to maturity in the second or first century during the Han dynasty.

It was employed in many fields of early Chinese thought, such as Yi Jing divination, alchemy, feng shui, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, military strategy, and martial arts.

What are the “Five Phases” ?

1-Fire (火†huǒ), 2-Water (水†shuǐ), 3-Wood (木†m.), 4-Metal or Gold (金†jīn), and 5-Earth or Soil (土†tǔ). This order of presentation is known as the “Days of the Week”

The five phases are around 73 days each and are usually used to describe the state in nature:

Wood/Spring: Period of growth, which generates abundant wood and vitality

Fire/Summer: Period of swelling, flowering, brimming with fire and energy

Earth: The in-between transitional seasonal periods associated with levelling, and fruition

Metal/Autumn: Period of harvesting and collecting

Water/Winter: Period of retreat, time for stillness and storage

My vision of the environment

Articulated around the five senses – Sight, Taste, Touch, Hearing and Smell – collect information about our environment that is interpreted by the brain.

In our daily life we are keep practicing our senses, they keep us alive.

We SMELL; we Inhale scents every day.

The SOUND; we are listening ; people, silence, music…

The SIGHT; we constantly do eye exercises, observe…

The TASTE; drinks and foods…

TOUCH; feeling things, touching a pen, phone, face …

The 5 senses are meaningful help to navigate on earth.

Download: Hello Wuxin 4