Artist Name
Han Sai Por

Tropical Leaf

Year Produced

Medium / Material

Size of Artwork
26 x 31 x 24 cm

Artwork Statement

My works are mainly inspired by tropical Flora, which are the essential elements of composing and decorating tropical landscape, it has drawn a distinctive characteristics and identity. Tropical leaves and seeds are one of my favorite subject in my work. I have transform them with my aesthetics point of view and feeling, and giving them a new artistic life. It is not a representation of any particular plant, it is a fusion of abstract organisms.

我的作品灵感主要来自热带植物。这些植物融会点缀成热带的景观,付给了热带景观鲜明的个性和身份。热带树叶和种子是我作品中主要的主题之一。以我的审美观和感觉改造它们, 赋予它们新的艺术生命。它不代表任何特定物种,它是抽象有机体的融合。