Artist Name
Hetty Lie Schricke

Emergence from the circuit breaker

Year Produced

Medium / Material
Bukit Merah clay and porcelain, jute

Size of Artwork
18.5 (H) x 47 (L) x 47 (W) cm

Artwork Statement

“What an invigorating relief to be able to walk around without a mask after at least two years of endeavour.

The raw jute signifies the efforts of the people. The decorated masks started from simple to elaborate ones as each person tries to bring colour to their life during the circuit breaker. “


生黄麻象征着人们的努力。口罩上的装饰从简单到精致 很好的诠释了每个人都在试图在阻断期间为他们的生活增添色彩。”