Artist Name
Loo Lian Fong, Joyce

My National flower

Year Produced

Medium / Material
Ceramic stoneware

Size of Artwork
14 x 46 x 15 cm

Artwork Statement

A personal interpretation of the Orchid, Joyce created this series which speaks of nationalism and a sense of identity, and how it is able to be stripped from its generic form and turn it into pieces that would catch the audience’s attention. Each flower carries a personality of its own, and represents the individual’s perspective of the country they are born and raised in, as well as the cultivation of changes seen throughout the years.

The usage of colours like pink and green in subtle and gradual forms gives the artwork dimension from different angles, as well as the steady growth of a flower reaching its full bloom stage. A key message behind this series would be strength and how a bud pushes its way to bloom into a full grown flower