Artist Name
Mok Chen-Lang

Homage to Schiele

Year Produced

Medium / Material

Size of Artwork
35 x 22 x 14 cm

Artwork Statement

Paper is easily accessible and often thoughtlessly discarded. I have been experimenting with various methods to coax the proverbial blank sheet to capture the beauty of the human form. In turn, the material imposes itself, and there is a curious conversation between subject and material. “Homage to Schiele” is an exploration of this new relationship. The expressive lines of Egon Schiele’s sketches have been a great source of inspiration to me. Using this new medium, I continue to explore the dialogue between 2D work and 3D space.

纸张比比皆是,废旧的纸张往往被随意丢弃。如何诱发这些空白废纸转化为人体之美?在这过程中,创作者给予这些材质施加影响,引发材质和主题之间的奇妙对话。《崇敬席勒》就呈现了这新关系的探索。埃贡·席勒速写中的线条笔触生动、情感丰富,给予我很大的启发。我通过这纸质新材料, 继续探索着使二维的绘画作品和三维空间的雕塑作品之间形成奇妙的转换,幻化出一个昇华了的可供全方位观瞻的“席勒”。