Artist Name
Ng Yit Ming MiMi


Year Produced

Medium / Material

Size of Artwork
25.1 x 2.1cm x 12.9 cm

Artwork Statement

“Mimi Ng is a deaf artist who loves to work with clay through her hands. She is previously trained as a graphic designer. Currently residing in the Northeast area of Singapore, she has a shared studio in Chinatown. Through the long history of shophouses In Chinatown, she is inspired by the unique architectural designs and finds it challenging in recreating them into ceramic shophouses. Pottery has always been one of her many interests as it can be molded into many forms. During her foundation years in Laselle, she took basic pottery and found out that she enjoyed pottery. Thanks to Art: Dis, she can have a chance to continue and practice pottery again. One precious experience was that ART:DIS gave her a chance to study sculpting under a local artist, Han Sai Por, which was part of the mentoring program.       

Shophouse always fancies me because of its long history and architecture design. “

由于悠久的历史和建筑设计,店屋 总是喜欢我。