Artist Name
Tan Sock Fong

The amber light

Year Produced
2017, 2019, 2022

Medium / Material
Glass Fusing

Size of Artwork
30cm x 20cm x 12cm

Artwork Statement

“Art work is made by layering glass in the kiln and letting them fused together to form a solid piece . When the light passes through this layering of glass, it contain the light and having a internal grow and give a soft feel

The concept:  stone and glass do share a similar material, the sand. Nature push  them  through time with gravity pressure and form a hard , solid , huge stone. While the other form into a soft looking , pretty with colours with tech and creativity .  Both have to go through heart and pressure but the result were so different.  Environment give us a strong backing but is our hand and thoughts that pushing the limit further.  It is important that we revisit the core of creativity .  let the nature messenger  ‘light’ comes to participant in our creation.  With light, all things turn to be alive and attractive.  When light shine on to the stone  and catches its texture and lines, it shows to us the age and toughness .  when light shine through glass, it stay within and give a grown of soften , indirect feel . like looking through a Gem to search for the story of ancient traveler.

Let the two material sing and sit together for calmness through time.”