Chloe Po



Born in Singapore in 1996, Chloe Po is a multidisciplinary artist and writer working in the discourse of phenomenology and fantasized time. Her research involves the remembrance of fantasized time by the fragility of existence and the experience of reveries within the context of a fragmented autobiography.  Inquiring into the premise of time and experience concerning an encounter of reverie as a lived experience, she evokes continuous presence explored through absence.  She explores this through  sculpture,  painting, poetry and photography.

Influenced by the tension between forms and the fleeting nature of reveries, fragmentation and existentialism, her works suggest the distinctive and poetic nature of loss and frozen time. Trained in the discipline of sculpture and painting, her  works adopt a sculptural approach to painting and vice versa. Chloe uses these disciplines as a vehicle and crystallization of fantasized time and continues to explore the possibilities of alternating states of consciousness which, conditions a fragmented autobiography and its continuous presence within countless narratives.

Chloe is a recipient of The Winston Oh Research Award, 2018 and the Academic Excellence in Fine Arts Award in 2016.  She has a Master of Arts in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University UK (Distinction) in 2019, First Class Honours in Bachelors of  Fine Arts from Loughborough University UK in 2017.  She also represented NAFA in the ‘IMPART Awards Best-in-Class Exhibition’ held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre Singapore in that same year.  She continues to take part in art residencies  and has exhibited her works locally and in Suzhou, China.  Chloe was awarded The Lasalle Scholarship in 2014 and in 2016.  She continues to participate in various exhibitions such as  a recent duo exhibition ‘Of Bonding and Breaking’ held in NPE Art Residency in 2019 and ‘The Geology of Words’,

held in National Library Board in 2016.