Chong Fah Cheong


In 2014, Chong Fah Cheong received Singapore’s Cultural Medallion for his lifetime dedication to art. Over four decades, he’s pushed artistic boundaries, creating versatile works, often with societal commentary. His sculptures, from abstract to figurative, use wood, stone, and bronze, appealing to all ages with their whimsical charm.

While initially a teacher, he maintains a strong link between education and art, mentoring younger artists. Recognized as a pioneer sculptor, he was featured in the 1991 “Sculpture in Singapore” exhibition at the National Museum, and his works are showcased at the National Gallery of Singapore.

In 2009, he designed unique gifts for world leaders at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference. His monumental stone and bronze sculptures are scattered across Singapore, including the iconic “First Generation.”

Fah Cheong’s career culminated with the 2014 Cultural Medallion, celebrating his impact on Singapore’s cultural landscape. Today, he divides his time between Singapore and Canada, where his family resides.