Delphine Sng


Delphine’s art journey began in her childhood with doodling and playing with colours. Her idyllic sketches continue to serve as a wellspring of inspiration. More than 16 years ago, she embarked on a pottery adventure under the tutelage of Singapore’s esteemed Master Potter, Lim Kim Hui.

While pursuing her career in the corporate world, Delphine continued to explore the intricacies of pottery art. She actively participated in exhibitions and art events, gradually nurturing her passion. For her, moulding wet clay into unique forms became a way to express her imagination, wonder, and fantasies. In 2011, Delphine’s first significant milestone when she accepted an art-residency at the International Workshop for Ceramic Arts in Tokoname (IWCAT), Japan. There, she collaborated with other international potters to create and showcase wood-fired ceramic works.

Her works are reflections of her experiences and senses in the moment, in nature, expressed through her unique forms and structures. Delphine is intrigued by the complexities in outcomes from the different firing environments. She cherishes her wood firing expeditions for the enduring influence on her artistic journey. Her creations, whether functional or sculptural, reveals her imaginative and soulful spirit.

Delphine was among the founding members of a (now defunct) gallery, Pot.Potter.Pottest in 2012, dedicated to showcasing the works of Singaporean potters and connecting a broader audience to pottery art. Since 2022, she has been a partner in The Other Potters, an online platform promoting local ceramic artists. Her studio-gallery, Souled On Clay Studio is her creative sanctuary. Her artworks have been exhibited in Singapore and internationally, with notable appearances in Asia and Europe. Delphine also creates commissioned pieces for dignitaries, while auctioning pieces for charity events.

Delphine describes the intriguing process of transforming a humble lump of clay into lyrical forms and cherishes the beauty of imperfections as part of the creative process. She finds inspiration in the Creator’s perfection and feels privileged to be a part of this creative dynamism. She believes that Art has the power to convey our narratives, to humour and delight our human senses and it is in pursuit and appreciation of this that makes us truly human.