Lim Soon Ngee

b. 1962 Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore
Lim Soo Ngee’s sculptures exude charm and common touch through their unveiled and truthful portrayal of the various characters, with subtle details such as their physical attributes, attire, accessories, postures and facial expressions that allow a reading of their personality and inner thoughts and with the intention to provoke different thoughts and feelings in their viewers.
Due to the nature of sculpture, he has worked with a great variety of materials. While often applying traditional woodcarving and bronze casting techniques, the expressive language of his creations, renews traditions by reliving them, making them accessible to anyone in this world. A piece of rustic wood would be transformed into a thought-provoking contemporary artwork through his carving.
Lim Soo Ngee is currently a senior lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. He has represented Singapore in numerous international exhibitions and is a regular contributor to many international sculpture symposiums. His works are found in many prestigious collections including the National Gallery of Singapore, Esplanade Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore, Ngee Ann Kongsi Singapore and The MaGMA Collection.