Artist Name
Vinata Goswamy


Year Produced

Medium / Material
Mixed Media (Ceramic and Paper, Acrylic base)

Size of Artwork
28 x 15 x 20 cm

Artwork Statement

Raring to go, this bull represents strength and resilience. There re new worlds waiting to be explored. The inner form is of fired clay – durable and familiar to me. The surface is an exploration of a commonly available medium – paper – from 
two issues of Time magazine. The past two difficult years can transform into something bright and beautiful – I feel bullish about the future!

“迫不及待地去,这头公牛代表着力量和韧性。这里有新的世界等待探索。它的内部是烧制的粘土 – 耐用且对我来说很熟悉。它的表面是来自于两期《时代》杂志做成的,它表现了对纸张的探索。过去两年艰难的岁月可以变成美好的事物-我对未来感到乐观!”