Artist Name
Zack Ling Sheng Liang

Light of shapes

Year Produced

Medium / Material

Size of Artwork
15.8 x 14 x 14.8 cm

Artwork Statement

“Zack Ling works with clay to create different shapes of light in his sculptures. As an artist in training, Zack is intrigued by learning and understanding the world through clay. The most recent works that he is focusing on draw inspiration from reptiles. He is intrigued with the texture of the reptilian scales as well as the reptilian skull features.           

Zack wanted to create shadows of different shapes. He love the colours and the shape of it. The challenge Zack face is supporting the structure upright. Zack wants others to feel the Non-uniformity and non-symmetrical parts of the sculpture.”

Zack 想要创建不同形状的阴影。他喜欢它的颜色和形状。 Zack 面临的挑战是支撑结构直立。扎克希望其他人能感受到雕塑的不均匀和不对称部分。