Speakers: Tay Swee Siong, William Hooi and Shi En



A recent First Runners-up winner of the 5th CDL Sculpture Competiiton, Swee Siong will share his experience on how his sculptures have evolved from hand-crafted to production using computers. The community of 3D makers whom he has acquainted with has a profound impact on him, and has since changed the way he works.

William Hooi will give us his insight about the development of the maker’s culture and its influence on designers, technologist and educators in Singapore.


Tay Swee Siong

Adjunct Lecturer at NAFA and NYP

Swee Siong is a sculptor who is experienced in many traditional sculpting methods and materials. He has been a member of the Sculpture Society (Singapore) since 2005. Having exhibited in many exhibitions before and won several awards including the First Runners-up at the 5th CDL Sculpture Award 2012, Swee Siong’ portfolio features figurative sculptures and contemporary Arduino-driven kinetic works.

Swee Siong’s works can be seen in sweesiong.blogspot.com


William Hooi

Educator Research Mentor at Singapore Science Centre

William is a self-professed geek and a  local hack-ducator, who is into all sorts of interests including Arduino programming . He is currently  exploring DIY wearable dataloggers, and is open to expanding his knowledge on data collection and analysis.

He is the host and  organiser of many modest maker meetups like the Singapore Makers Meetup where friendly tinkerers exchange tips on projects such as origami-inspired sculptures and LED displays for the visual effects industry.

William Hooi works at the Science Centre Singapore conducting workshops for kids. He is also the founder of HacKIDemia Singapore chapter.


Shi En

Shi En is an undergraduate from the Singapore University of Technology and Design.  A techno-geek, Shi En possessed deep interest and experience in robotics and microcontroller programmed gadgets. The application of his works has been employed in live performances, as well as in the field of the art, design and science. Shi En is a prime mover in many meet-ups in Singapore,  including Maker Faire, Hackerspaces.  He has conducted numerous public workshops and classes to share his knowledge and experience.

Contact Info :6636 2393
Date :07 Dec 2013 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue :Galeri Nila