Leslie Sim Chor Sing


Leslie Sim, a master in the art of creation, was born in 1959 and holds a diploma in Furniture Design from Baharudin Vocational Institute (1979). His early career included his own Interior Design company and a carpentry workshop.

In 2018, the allure of art led him to become a full-time sculptor, transforming his workshop into a metal fabrication centre and gallery. He’s a hands-on artist who believes in personally crafting his sculptures, primarily working with aluminium, a lightweight, non-corrosive, and paintable material that withstands the outdoors. Leslie’s creations range from table-top pieces to large commissioned works.

Beyond sculpture, his passion for abstract painting has resulted in two exhibitions in the nineties. While continuing to manage his interior company, Leslie has built an extensive workshop equipped with machinery for various metals, hydraulic tools, and state-of-the-art spray-painting facilities. It’s where art meets craftsmanship, forging masterpieces with artistic finesse.