Ong Kok Peng

Painter, Sculptor

KP Ong (b. 1957) has been immersed in the world of art for over 30 years, infusing each artwork with cherished memories of his creative journey. Regardless of the outcome, he values the results derived from dedication and diligence, as they embody the profound experiences accumulated over time. His affinity for experimenting with diverse mediums drives him to continuously learn and explore new techniques. With every creation, he evolves, enhancing his artistic prowess.

As a dedicated full-time artist, KP’s remarkable journey shines in painting, ceramics, and sculpture. His meticulous craftsmanship and diverse skill set converge to yield aesthetically pleasing and unparalleled artworks. KP’s artistic odyssey has graced both national and international stages, showcased through curated and collaborative exhibitions. Notably, his three solo exhibitions in 2017, 2021, and 2022 have uniquely blended paintings, pottery, and sculptures, further enriching his creative narrative.

王国平(生于 1957 年)在艺术世界中浸淫了 30 多年,为每件作品注入了他创作之旅的珍贵回忆。 无论结果如何,他都看重付出和努力所获得的成果,因为这些成果体现了长期积累的深刻经验。 他对尝试不同媒介的热爱促使他不断学习和探索新技术。 他的每一次创作都在不断进步,提高了他的艺术实力。

作为一名专注的全职艺术家,国平的非凡历程在绘画、陶瓷和雕塑领域大放异彩。 他细致的工艺和多样化的技能融合在一起,创造出美观且无与伦比的艺术品。 国平的艺术冒险之旅在国内和国际舞台上大放异彩,并通过策划和合作展览进行展示。 值得注意的是,他在2017年、2021年和2022年的三场个展将绘画、陶艺和雕塑独特地融合在一起,进一步丰富了他的创作叙事。